15 days to Christmas. Last minute tips for marketing communications

In 15 days, it all blows over and we have Christmas. So there are still a few days left to reach your customers and motivate them to buy from your store. And just for these situations, we have prepared an inspiring article that focuses on one of the most effective and fastest communication channels – SMS messages.

Here are some tips on SMS messages that you can use for your communication. Sit back and let’s get to it.

SMS for customers who don’t know what to do

Time is inexorably running out and many of your customers are constantly hesitant and unsure of what Christmas gift would be the right one to make them happy. Offer them a helping hand and provide them with themed categories to help them shop. For women, for men, for kids, for moms, for dads, for cooks, for DIYers, the most popular products of 2022, etc. The possibilities are many.


BM: Not sure what to buy for your Christmas tree? Get inspired by our clear categories with gift tips for your loved ones. Shop from the comfort of your home and enjoy a peaceful Christmas holiday. More at www…. Your Shop Name. STOP SMS 1234

SMS for those who don’t want to spend too much

Some customers don’t desire expensive gifts and prefer to put some little thing under the tree that will please and make the recipient happy. Especially in these difficult times. Prepare a special category, in which only products up to a certain monetary value, e.g. 50 eur, will be included.


BM: Christmas doesn’t have to be about big and expensive gifts. Choose from our category of gifts up to 500 CZK that will make you very happy under the tree. Choose at www…. Your Shop Name. STOP SMS 1234

SMS for those you want to make happy

Play Santa Claus and make your customers happy with a small gift for their order. Thanks to this step, you can also attract new customers who are still hesitant to buy.


BM: Santa Claus is coming to us now. We have a valuable Christmas gift for every order. More at www…. Your Store Name. STOP SMS 1234

SMS for all your customers

Delivery of ordered goods by Christmas is a key piece of information for your customers. Let them know when they can order by so that the carrier can deliver the ordered goods on time.


BM: To make sure there is no empty space under the Christmas tree, remember to order and pay for your Christmas gifts by 19 December 2022, when we guarantee delivery by Christmas. Choose at www… STOP SMS 1234

SMS for those who can’t keep up

The rush of time is getting to all of us and some people leave their gift shopping to the last minute and almost at five minutes to twelve. Delivering presents by Christmas is also passé. However, nothing is lost yet. If you offer gift vouchers, let your customers know.


BM: Don’t have all your Christmas presents yet, Christmas is knocking on the door and you’re not keeping up? Don’t panic and choose from our gift vouchers for the whole family from the comfort of your home. More at www…. STOP SMS 1234

SMS for those who want to be pampered

More and more people are leaving the preparation of Christmas dinner to others. Do you own a restaurant and plan to host these Christmas dinners, but you haven’t yet filled up and would like to spread the word to all your regulars? Send them a text message and offer to lend a hand when you make the dinner arrangements.


BM: Enjoy the Christmas holidays to the fullest and among those you love the most. Make a reservation for Christmas Eve and take advantage of the special Christmas Eve menu. More at www…. Your Restaurant Name. STOP SMS 1234

Try our tips, or be inspired by them, and prepare a Christmas SMS campaign that will take a few minutes in the Reago app and bring you the desired results.

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