3 tips for successful e-mail marketing in 2022

The advent of the pandemic has literally brought about an email renaissance. And there’s no sign of a lull anytime soon. That’s why we’ve put together some simple tips that will help you elevate your e-mail marketing, while ensuring that your e-mail messages don’t fall into the SPAM folder and may even increase conversions from that type of message.

A study conducted by Validity titled “State of e-mail 2022: Mastering the new e-mail landscape” points out that companies’ e-mailing activity increased by 60% from March to April 2020. In addition, there was a 14% increase in mailings between 2020 and 2021. 2022 is predicted to be no different.

Hand on heart, as if e-mail marketing wasn’t difficult enough already and the situation hasn’t improved within the above data. Now e-mail marketers have to compete even more for their customers’ attention when reading e-mails in inboxes that are cluttered with promotions from various marketers, software companies and all other services.

But let’s not just be pessimistic. We have good news! E-mailing has proven to be an extremely relevant marketing channel. However, it’s important to work even harder and harder on a good e-mail campaign to be better than the rest and get your customers’ attention. We bring you 3 tips that will help you in being better than your competitors.

Keep a good reputation

Maintaining a good reputation as an e-mail sender is the alpha and omega of effective delivery to your customers’ inboxes. E-mail providers measure the credibility of email messages and it is this credibility that will influence whether an e-mail is delivered to the inbox, bulk mail or SPAM. The overall global increase in e-mail communication means that ensuring a good reputation is more important than ever as you are competing with a large number of other senders.

A key indicator that is destroying your reputation is the marking of mailings as SPAM. Another indicator is the immediate abandonment rate of the e-mail. Not to be left out in this case are blocked lists. If your IP or domain is added to a blocked list, it can dramatically affect the performance of your campaigns. The alpha and omega of this is investing in tools that can monitor everything so you can react quickly, understand the root cause of the problem and resolve it to avoid getting blocked altogether.

Smart dispatch time scheduling

70% of all e-mail distribution happens within the first 10 minutes of a new hour. So it’s very easy for a marketer to schedule mass e-mail blasts to so-called “round” numbers such as 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, … However, if every marketer thinks this way, it means your customers are getting dozens of impersonal automated e-mails at the same time of day. The likelihood that they will open your email is therefore greatly reduced.

Schedule a distribution just 10 – 15 minutes later for example 10:15, 10:20, 12:20, … As a result, this means that your e-mails won’t get lost in the hourly barrage of messages from other merchants.

If you really want to achieve e-mail marketing success, personalize your e-mails. According to a study by INC.com, personalization was the most effective e-mail marketing tactic valued by respondents in 2021, resulting in higher overall inbox open rates.

Tailoring e-mails to each individual or target group of recipients will increase conversion rates, interest, engagement and ROI. However, all of your efforts can go to waste if your e-mails are deleted or ignored within the other e-mails that are sent throughout the hour. Make sure that you excel not only in content and personalization, but also in the timing of your mailings.

Take advantage of weekends

The volume of e-mails sent out is 25% higher during weekdays. So not only do your customers have to deal with work e-mails, but they also have to wade through tons of marketing messages.

Consider sending selected messages on Saturdays or Sundays to avoid reaching your customers during a weekday period when they won’t have time due to work commitments. It may seem counterproductive, even more so in the B2B sector. Who wants to think about work at the weekend? However, it’s a tried and tested method to differentiate yourself from the crowd that’s worth a try. If your out-of-hours mail delivery is in the lower ranks, customers are more likely to notice you. As e-mail volume continues to grow, marketers who choose to send out e-mail campaigns on the weekend will simply always be ahead of the game.

The world of e-mailing is constantly changing. The increase in communication through this channel due to pandemic, increased regulations from Apple means one thing. Marketers need to be able to respond to these changes immediately.

To stay on top of trends, you need to rethink your e-mail strategy in this ever-changing environment. Send personalized messages at times when you aren’t overwhelmed with e-mails from other marketers. These very simple methods will help you get in front of and stay out of the SPAM folder, avoid unsubscribing, and ultimately increase conversions.

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