How to get customer reviews through different communication channels?

When choosing a service or product, we always look for the best. Many clients prefer the practice of a company that has been on the market for many years, others prefer dynamism and a modern approach to the client. But one thing they all have in common, everyone will put on a positive review and recommendation. Therefore, in the course of your business, collect such reviews and create a history together with your clients. Reviews are an excellent indicator of your qualities. Convince potential clients that you are better than your competitors!

We have some tips for you to get such reviews from your clients. Here are…


The best tool for collecting reviews is definitely email. And if you create a template, it won’t take too much time either. You can then put the answers on your website yourself. In this case, collecting email addresses from customers and creating an intuitive template is essential.

Your review email should be short, concise and polite. Basically, the longer the email, the lower the conversion. Remember that most people will see your email on a mobile phone, so we recommend keeping text to a minimum and creating an intuitive template that displays properly on all devices.

You should also emphasize that their feedback is valuable and helps you further improve your products and services.

Remember that many review platforms do not allow rewards for reviews, so avoid these methods.


In the template, even if simple, use your brand. The customer should be able to see exactly who they are and who they are writing the review for. Firstly, you will increase awareness of your company’s visual, but also improve the aesthetics of the review writing template.

Don’t link the review request email to other information. The client will pick out the information relevant to them from such an email, and it may not be a review for your company at that point.

Review collection platforms

You don’t have to be alone to collect reviews, be transparent and join the well-known platforms that cyberspace offers. Here are the most well-known ones.

Google reviews

As the most used search engine in the world, Google must surely be ranked first. Think of Google as a vital pillar of reviews, because most customers, whatever your line of business, go and search for a product/service in a web browser. And hence, it is important to create history and collect reviews on this platform. On Google, you will have to ask for customer reviews yourself. How to do it?

  1. Create a business account on Google
  2. In your profile, select Customers and then Reviews
  3. Share the URL with customers

With this feedback, star ratings for your business will instantly appear when you search directly on Google, as well as written reviews from individual customers when clicked.

Social networks

Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are great tools for branding. While you can’t create a review template directly here, you can still share a post that encourages feedback with a comment or like, for example, to increase your profile’s reach among a larger group of users. Or jump straight into influencering, where a product is recommended by a popular person on the networks. These reaches are in the high numbers, but so is the amount for influencer services.

In conclusion

Reviews are great to collect, but it’s even better to respond to them. By doing so, you are showing your loyalty to the customer and that you value their review. The more reviews you receive, the higher the likelihood of negative feedback as well. Don’t be caught off guard and be sure to respond to such reviews as well, there may be a misunderstanding on the part of the customer or a mistake on your part that you can learn from and avoid further mistakes in the future.

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