8 e-mailing tips to get ready for the summer

Your marketing strategy for this year is certainly underway, but there is always room for improvement. We’ve put together a few tips on what to focus on, prepare or update as part of your marketing strategy. Because those who are prepared are not caught off guard. Let’s do it.

Update your contacts

If you’re in the beginning stages of collecting contacts, start with our Reago app. The app lets you create a custom web form tailored to your needs. Through it, you can collect contacts into your database. If you already have your contact base, you can continue to expand and update your portfolio. You can also sort your contacts into segments. Be sure to track your click-through rates to sort your subscribers by topics that have interested them in the past. This way, your messages will go to the right customers in important campaigns.

Stay active

One rule that applies year-round, but definitely needs to be mentioned. Whatever your line of business and the summer months may not be favourable for your sales – be proactive and adapt your marketing strategy accordingly. Whether it’s social media or reaching your customers directly via email. It’s good to be heard.

Prepare your templates

Preparing as part of your strategy planning will save you a lot of time and energy during the hectic time of the year for major campaigns. You can easily create your own templates in Reago, or you can use our themed templates, which you can just adapt to your own content and branding.

Educate yourself

Summer can be a great opportunity for educational events and seminars. You can take advantage of a number of online training programs, but you don’t necessarily have to stick to an office environment. Combine the enjoyable with the useful and plan a team building activity, for example.


Keep a close eye on your campaigns during the summer and be prepared to adapt based on what the data is telling you. Use analytics to track the results of all your marketing campaigns, from paid ads to social media engagement. Being nimble allows you to capitalize on what works, minimize losses from underperforming tactics, and ultimately maximize your sales potential.


Whether it’s getting your contact collection or displaying your newsletters right, you need to test their functionality. A faulty display can cost you a potential customer. So remember to really test, test, test… you’ll avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Reago has everything you need in one place. If you need any advice, we’re here for you at info@reagocrm.com.

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