Thanks to SMS we have 1/3 more orders

SMS messages are a very effective communication channel especially if you use it for SMS marketing. And we interviewed Milan Pleva, marketing manager at GoMobil, about how it actually works in practice and what results it can bring.

GoMobil is a virtual operator that offers tailor-made tariffs to its customers, with no obligation and the option to leave at any time. And this fair approach is appreciated by almost 50,000 satisfied customers.

The market for mobile operators and their offers is really strong in the Czech Republic and competition is high. It is therefore important to choose communication channels that deliver effective results. SMS messages are one of these channels.

Boosting GoMobil TV sales

One of the services offered by GoMobil is GoMobil TV. It is a TV with over 100 TV channels and can be played both through a classic set-top box and in an app on a mobile device, computer or tablet.

The aim of the SMS marketing campaign was to strengthen the marketability of GoMobil TV to existing customers.

In the first phase, only a one-off newsletter was sent to customers via the Reago app. This achieved average results. However, it was necessary to strengthen this marketability even more and move to a second phase in which SMS messages were added. The inclusion of SMS messages not only increased the number of orders but also raised awareness of the GoMobil TV service itself. And even the open rate of the newsletter itself increased by several percent.

In the third phase of the sales promotion, the option of replying to a sent SMS message was also introduced. Customers could therefore also order GoMobil TV via a simple SMS reply, rather than just via the website or in communication with the operator. In this case, another successful increase in GoMobil TV orders was recorded.

Thanks to SMS messages, it can be said that sales are successful and the share of this channel in the total number of orders is 32 %.

Milan Pleva assesses the inclusion of this communication channel in the marketing communication mix as very successful and profitable.

If you too want to experience the benefits of SMS messaging, register for free with Reago and take advantage of the bonus credit you get from us with every registration. Through Reago, you can communicate with your customers both through SMS messages and professional-looking newsletters.

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