4 benefits of SMS communication for your business

You may have found it daunting to find and set up the most effective communication strategy. Reflect and reduce all your ideas to the very basics and to the core of the strategy. That is relevant communication with your customers at the right time. Primarily it’s about building relationships with your clients and also making them feel that you care and are thinking about them. Building long-term relationships with your customers is not only essential, but also cheaper than attracting new customers.

A business that communicates effectively with its clients and wants them to be engaged through relevant content creates a strong, long-term relationship that benefits both parties. So let’s take a closer look…

Customers prefer text communication

Recent surveys have confirmed that more than 75% of users prefer to communicate with businesses via SMS text messages.

Consumers report that they prefer appointment reminders, billing reminders, SMS notifications and passwords, event time changes, latest and greatest deals, discount coupons just through text messages.

Businesses that use this communication greatly simplify and facilitate their customers’ decision-making at the click of a button.

For example, SMS has reduced the number of cancelled appointments in situations where one party has forgotten. The text message reminded the scheduled meeting very quickly and easily.

Communication via SMS is two-way and can benefit both parties if done effectively. Both customer service and client satisfaction are improved.

Become more efficient and productive by reducing the number of phone calls to remind you of an appointment or unpaid invoice. Send this reminder by clicking the Send button and notify your customers immediately and quickly.

Sending an SMS message simply works

According to the latest statistics from Business Text, SMS messages boast an incredible 97% open rate and 90% of them are read within three minutes of delivery. The engagement rate is around 40%.

It’s great to see that SMS messages really work, their volume is growing and they are becoming more and more an essential communication tool for any type of business. SMS are so efficient and fast that they put other communication channels in your pocket.

SMS is one of the most trusted means of communication and if used correctly you will achieve your goals very quickly.

SMS communication is affordable

From the Reago app, you can send SMS messages in an instant. It is intuitive and easy to use.

Text messaging doesn’t require a team of creative strategists. All you have to do is think, write a short text message and click send. You don’t need a team of employees to plan and run these simple campaigns, you can do it yourself. Plus, you can effectively manage how much you want to spend on the campaign. From a business perspective, text messages are an excellent means of communication that you’ll always have on hand to deliver your message to the right people.

Reach your customers 24/7

Hand on heart. We all have our mobile devices available 24/7. This brings significant benefits and results in the perfect way to get information literally into your customer’s hands quickly.

Contacting customers directly by phone can be time-consuming and is not always successful. Emails can get stuck in the bulk mail or even SPAM folder. However, SMS messages will be delivered and read whenever the customer wishes. They will not be so annoying but very effective in getting the message across.

If you too want to fall under the spell of SMS messaging, sign up for a free account with Reago in seconds, upload your contacts, top up your credit, write a short message and send an SMS in a few minutes. Doesn’t that sound great? 😉

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