How to build an e-mail database in 2022?

An email database that contains relevant contacts is one of the important factors for successful marketing communication. Through email communication, you can very easily market your products or services, no matter how big a business you are.

Email marketing is one of the highly profitable channels. And k9agents statistics prove it clearly. 1 dollar invested brings an average of $42 profit. Welcome emails can bring in up to 320% more revenue compared to other promotional channels. In addition, 81% of survey respondents confirmed that email marketing promotes new customer acquisition and 80% mentioned that it improves retention of existing customers.

How to get relevant e-mail leads in 2022?

There are several ways to get your contacts to the right customers. We’ll outline them in the following lines.

Web form

A web form is one of the most popular tools for collecting contacts. Through a web form, a user can send you their question, enquiry or download interesting content in the form of an e-book, for example. It can be in different forms, either fixed on your website or as a pop-up window.

You can set the pop-up window and its display according to different conditions, either after a certain time when the visitor is on your page, or for example when the mouse is hovered over when the website is closed, or for example by scrolling to a certain place on the website.

The average pop-up conversion rate is around 3%. This means that if you get 150 visitors a day to your website, for a monthly total of 4500, you will have 418 new email addresses to add to your database.

Landing page

A landing page is a page or sub-page on which special content is placed. The primary goal of this sub-page is to get the visitor to take action. An example is an online training session with a reservation. Or a landing page may contain interesting content that the user can access by filling out an email. It is important to design the landing page to have the highest conversion rate. It must therefore be as good as possible both in terms of UX and engaging copywriting.

You can encourage contact acquisition with the right lead magnet. This is either content or added value to the user, in exchange for an email. Based on this, you can then build trust and the right relationship through engaging email marketing.

And what kind of lead magnets can these be?

  • Discount code
  • Gift
  • E-book
  • Online contest
  • Free Course
  • Sample
  • Free Shipping
  • Surveys
  • Test results
  • Free online tools
  • Case studies
  • etc.

E-mail contacts obtained via Facebook

If your target audience is on this platform, it’s a good idea to target this group specifically. They are similar to those in your email database and so there is up to 29% higher ROI compared to targeting interests only.

And how do you collect leads specifically through Facebook?

A) Prepare a landing page where you place interesting content and promote this page on Facebook.

B) Don’t forget to place the newsletter sign-up form on the website. At the same time, be sure to mention what people will get if they subscribe to your newsletter.

C) Don’t forget to share the content of your selected newsletters to motivate other users to subscribe to your newsletters.

TIP: Hold a contest on Facebook and collect their email at that. Not only will you expand your fan base, but you’ll also expand your email database.

Take advantage of offline opportunities as well

You can also collect contacts for your database offline. And what are the possibilities in this case?

  • Contests or drawings at various offline events.
  • Business cards.
  • Loyalty programs and registration for them.
  • Discount programs.
  • Free gifts (2+1, 1+1, etc.)

Don’t forget the welcome emails

Don’t forget to send a welcome email thanking a new contact who has signed up for your newsletters. Ideally within a few hours of being added to your database. In this welcome email, let your subscriber know what to expect, what communications they will receive and how often.

Within this welcome email you will start to build a relationship with your subscriber and build trust, which is really important these days.

What to avoid when building a contact database?

Don’t buy a contact database – you won’t establish a relevant relationship with purchased contacts. It can also be a ticket to getting into your SPAM folder.

Don’t download freely available databases – these databases are usually of dubious quality, plus you’ll be sending your communications to people who haven’t given their consent.

Don’t collect freely available email addresses on the internet – unless the person is active and fills in your form, there is no reason to send them your communications. Moreover, it would not even comply with the current GDPR regulation.

Clean your database regularly

Even within your existing database, keep it tidy and target contacts who don’t respond or don’t click through to your offer for a long time.

Try reaching out to these contacts with a reactivation campaign and if they don’t respond, simply remove them from your database.

They are no longer relevant to your business, they are taking up space in your database unnecessarily and distorting your statistics.


If you’re looking for a tool that allows you to collect, manage and reach your contacts in one place, not only with newsletters but also with SMS messages. Plus, it’s fully GDPR compliant, use the free Reago app.

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