The best SMS tips that can boost your sales

SMS marketing is a very effective marketing channel that you can use in your communication with your customers. And why is it so successful? Because with SMS, you can get your message to the right customer at the right time.

In our article, we have some tips waiting for you through which you can increase your business revenue. So let’s get to them.

Identification with your brand is important

Your brand is the most important aspect. Without a quality brand, your brand would be lost among others. Imagine getting a text message with a great offer and you don’t know who it’s from. To avoid deleting this “anonymous” message, use a custom sender name service. This allows you to send SMS messages under your own brand name, which will appear in the header of every SMS message you send to a customer. This branding of your SMS will help your brand to be remembered by your subscribers. It’s also been found that SMS messages tagged in this way are 70% more successful in getting read and completing the desired action.

You need to build a unique brand personality

Studies show that having a unique brand personality is as important for businesses as it is for customers. 380 survey participants who received a marketing SMS message confirmed that brand personality influences brand trust and increases brand loyalty.

This allows customers to form a relationship with your brand in much the same way they form relationships with each other in a social context. Brand personality can differentiate and create a competitive advantage in the minds of your customers if the brand is indistinguishable from your competitors.

It is important to be concise and succinct in SMS communication

Increase the open rate by keeping the message short and to the point. A single text message is limited to 160 characters. As a result, this means that your message must be written to be direct, concise and ideally 160 characters long.

If you are embedding a web URL, it is ideal to use a URL shortener. This will leave more space for your message. However, be careful when using emoticons or special characters that may take up too much space. The same applies when typing diacritics, where the message can be truncated to up to 70 characters.

Don’t forget to ask yourself

Before sending an SMS campaign, ask yourself what your customer will get out of the SMS message. This way you can create a text that will catch the recipient’s attention. Use specific words that will help the customer imagine the emotional experience of the offer.

Create a message suitable for your target audience

Tailoring SMS messages to the target audience will get more people to respond to messages that directly appeal to them. Go back to point one and make sure you use your brand name and your customers’ names, among others, in your communications.

Don’t forget the time you send the SMS

Don’t forget to time your SMS messages correctly. Since the phone is a major part of everyone’s life and we have them constantly at hand, this factor plays a significant role. Do not neglect it.

The incentive to take action is a priority, take advantage of it!

Include some incentive in your message. Whether it’s a discount, bonus, gift or competition. Create an urgent and time-limited offer that will only be valid for, say, 24 hours. Or that the offer will only be valid for the first 100 leads.

Use one clear call to action

Each SMS message should contain a clear call to action. An action that the recipient must take. Below are some examples of high-performing CTAs that you can use in your campaigns.

  • Click here
  • Read more
  • Discover more
  • View this text
  • Share code with
  • Reply to
  • Enter code at checkout
  • Get it now
  • Check your progress
  • Register
  • Book
  • Don’t miss out
  • Take advantage of the offer

Offer added value

Avoid so-called empty communication that does not bring any value. Always offer valuable information such as links to articles, product/service information packages, current offers, etc. Build trust with your customers by keeping your existing customers informed, educated and engaged.

Use SMS to streamline your communication now

With our tips, you can not only streamline your business processes, but you can also easily create an immediate positive experience for your customers. Simply prepare your SMS campaign in Reago and send it today.

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